Nazca Business Process Management, a single platform to manage your business processes in real time

Easy to use, flexible and efficient

Nazca Business Process Management

is the innovative solution which allows to centrally handle and monitor business activities, ensuring scheduled workflows, optimization of time and costs and real time information sharing.

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One software, multiple functionalities

Process management

  • Configuration and development of business processes
  • Processes automation and simplification of activities
  • Business intelligence and advanced reporting

Workflow management

  • Workflow design and calendar scheduling of staff employed
  • Workflow management between users involved in the processes
  • Activities progress reports

Facility management

  • Scheduled management of all facility activities, maintenance processes and costs monitoring
  • Mapping of sites, systems and machineries plus documental archives
  • Management of technicians network via geolocation technology
  • Dashboard and KPIs to monitor service levels

Ticketing & Accounting

  • Managing requests and purchase orders with the respective approval cycles
  • Management of quotations, pre-invoicing and final balances
  • Managing relationship with employees, suppliers network and Clients

Data & Document management

  • Centralized data management from a single platform
  • Organized, standardized and updated data, to support decision-making and operational activities
  • Rapid and secure sharing of business-critical information
  • Access to information from different locations and devices, anywhere, anytime

Cloud-based business solution

  • Efficient management of activities from a single online platform
  • Updated data available for all the stakeholders involved

Mobile device

  • The App Nazca WFM is available on Apple IOS and Android devices

Technical support and help desk

  • Assistance for any requirement in using these services
  • Online live chat system for immediate assistance

Advantages for your Business

  • A single and integrated business environment
  • Manage staff activities and access to business-critical contents in complete security, at anytime
  • Improvement in business performance and reduction of technical and operational costs
  • Enhanced quality of business processes and standardized management of data, activities and resources
  • Quick access to information in real time via virtual data room
  • Activities tracking through advanced reporting and business intelligence
  • Integration with internal software and databases (SAP, Management, CRM, etc.)
  • Customized solutions rapidly possible with a minimal investment
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