NAZCA is an expanding Italian company specialised in Facility Management, Property Management and ICT solutions, focused on its self-performing and innovation strength points.


With 350 employees and 4 offices in Italy (Milan, Novara, Rome and Bari), NAZCA aims to be the only direct provider of a qualitative and customed service, without intermediation. NAZCA employs the best human resources, competences and innovative technologies.


“An on-going dialogue with clients is our stimulus to work towards higher efficiency in the services we provide daily. During this continuous open conversation, we support our clients with specific technical expertise.”

Piertommaso Noviello, CEO in NAZCA

Linee di Nazca

Our Story


The word ‘NAZCA’ refers to the Peruvian Plateau where the lines trace geometric shapes which are completely visible looking down from above. These Geoglyphs  metaphorically represent the NAZCA ability to provide and manage services and resources, by a global and external point of view.


NAZCA was founded in 1993, at the beginning was a company specialized in Environment health. In the following years NAZCA satisfied the new Market needs adding new Facility Management services.


In 1998 there was a turning point: NAZCA opens a new Business Line in ICT solutions creating an in-house research and development centre, with specialists and developers dedicated to the creation of solutions able to automate and monitor the client business processes.


In 2004, NAZCA acquired a company specialised in system engineering and maintenance. This was in line with the company’s policy making use of internal resources and structures, in order to provide direct Building services.


In 2013, NAZCA brought in house specific skills and technical know-how in Property Management, to provide a complete and integrated services Management regarding properties.

Mission and Values


For over 20 years, NAZCA worked to assure to clients the good functionality and profitability of buildings and business processes. This approach translates into Work Force Management.

NAZCA mission is to invest in people and technology, in order to guarantee an integrated and innovative properties service management.


Our experience of over 20 years of activity is an asset for all of our clients.

Constant updating

Promoting and improving our employees’ competences helps us start innovation processes on all our services.


Flexibility to us means a service tailored to the individual client’s needs. We meet different demands and plan services in line with different budgets.

Technological innovation

We invest in new solutions and technologies to guarantee our clients efficiency and effectiveness in our performance, optimising costs, time and resources.



NAZCA has a highly qualified and expert Management, with specific skills in various industries and markets.

  • tommaos

    Piertommaso Noviello

    CEO and co-fonder, with more than 25 years of Real Estate experience. Degree in mechanical engineering in the Politecnico University in Milano, with relevant skills in asset, budget and finance management. Tommaso Noviello has been able to understand the potential of an emerging Market, combining innovation and quality in the offer of NAZCA Business.

  • vincenzo

    Vincenzo Noviello
    General Manager

    General Manager and co-founder, with more than 25 years of Real Estate experience, gained thanks to the professional experience in multinational companies.
    Degree in mechanical engineering in the Politecnico University in Milano. Solid work experience, within his skills: Asset, Property, Facility, budget and finance Management and Compliance analysis.

  • pagano

    Antonia Pagano
    Technical Director – Services to People

    Antonia Pagano has a strong entrepreneurial spirit, which led her to lay the foundations of NAZCA in 1993, investing in her skills and in her attitude to problem solving.
    Thanks to her determination and passion for her job, Antonia energises the staff, which she has seen grow over the years as a product of her dedication.

  • valpo

    Leonardo Volpicella
    Technical Director – Services to Buildings

    Leonardo Volpicella works in NAZCA since 2006, bringing outstanding innovation and his Maintenance Engineering know-how . Degree in engineering and a Masters in electrical engineering, he has great expertise and technical skills acknowledged by the entire field. He is the focal point for the whole System Management Team.



The care for the quality of our service has always been at the centre of our strategy. Nazca, over the years, has focused more and more on meeting the standards of Health and Safety and environmental issues.
We researched methods and best practices to manage these issues.

We have completed a route that has brought us to obtain the following certifications: ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.


Quality: ISO 9001


The international standard ISO 9001 pinpoints the ways to achieve great performance through processes that improve operative efficiency.

(N. IT258214)


Health and Safety: OHSAS 18001


Compliance with the international standard OHSAS 18001 guarantees accordance with the requirements set by Health and Safety on the workplace regulations. This allows us to assess risks in the best way possible and improve our performance.

(N. IT259165/UK)


Environment: ISO 14001


Respecting the environment by using renewable products and resources, being careful about energy necessities and consumption helps us provide our clients with a better service and control environmental impact.

(N. IT266737/UK)

The Partners


Continuous updating is crucial to NAZCA.
We actively take part in thematic discussions on the improvement of services offered, identifying the best tools and means to provide them.

IFMA Italia

IFMA Italia




Observers from Politecnico di Milano’s School of Management


Assintel – national association of ICT businesses

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