Corporate Building

Corporate Buildings


With over 20 years of experience in the field, Nazca offers a complete management of offices and systems. Nazca sets itself to be your only provider for these services. This simplifies organisational, management and communication processes.


Our consultancy approach allows us to meet the client’s specific needs in quality, efficiency, flexibility and compliance with regulations on health and safety, environmental issues and energy consumption.

A single partner specialised in integrated Facility Management

  • We have been on the market since 1993, specialised in offices management
  • A single contract that gives you full control of your expenses
  • Clear and transparent costs
  • Certifications in matter of Quality, Environmental issues and Health and Safety

Quality of and control over the service

  • In-house technical and engineering expertise
  • A Project Manager entirely dedicated to your company, a direct contact point to help you
  • Qualified and competent direct staff, who guarantee full control and quality of the service
  • 4 operative branches in Italy, to assure flexibility, precision during interventions and availability 24 hours a day

An efficient management of the building that is careful about costs

  • Business plans and feasibility plans to achieve efficiency goals and rationalise expenses and budget
  • Ad hoc plans to promote sustainability and energy efficiency in the company

The Nazca Building Management software

  • Simplification of the technical and economic management of assets and buildings
  • Total control over the processes and reduction of technical and maintenance costs
  • Standardised information that can be shared through the virtual data room
  • Real time monitoring of activities and emergency management

The services we supply


We carefully analyse our clients’ needs to offer a tailored service. Our investment in resources is what sets us apart: we have qualified and competent staff who coordinate and monitor various activities and we have software solutions for planning and reporting

  • Facility Management

    Facility Management

  • property management

    Property Management

  • Soluzioni ICT

    ICT solutions

  • conduzione e manutenzione impianti

    Building Services and Maintenance

  • antincendio

    Fire prevention systems

  • energy management

    Energy Management

  • project management

    Project Management

  • uffici chiavi in mano

    Turnkey offices

  • pulizie


  • reception


  • posta e fattorinaggio

    Mail and deliveries


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