Retail and large scale retail trade


Nazca has a widespread coverage of the Italian territory and works with retail and large scale retail client to manage decentralised and relocated properties all over the country.


We are aware of the challenges this market sets: regulations, service and customer experience standards that aim at promoting the brand, the image and business of our clients.

The need to manage a decentralised structure, with several sales points spread on the territory

  • A dedicated Project Manager, your direct contact point for all sales points and all your needs
  • Competent and flexible operative staff who guarantee a high level of services and speed in interventions
  • Support in keeping the company’s image univocal and in line with the guidelines provided in every point of sales
  • Availability 24/24 and fast response times to guarantee continuity in your business

Optimisation of costs and investments

  • A single problem-solver, an expert in the management of properties and various systems who helps you to control time employed and costs
  • Clarity and transparency on costs, defined by a fixed fee and default catalogue for extra activities
  • Business and feasibility plans to achieve efficiency and expenditure goals

Compliance with regulations and laws

  • Deep knowledge of employment, maintenance and health and safety regulations, with dedicated in-house roles
  • Nazca takes responsibility for compliance with law for the client
  • Certifications in matter of Quality, Environmental issues and Health and Safety

The Nazca Retail Management software

  • Simplification of processes and coordination of internal and external resources
  • Standardised information that can be shared across departments and sales points
  • Total control of sites and constant availability of data
  • Real time monitoring of activities and emergency management

The services we supply


Our strength point is our ability to thoroughly analyse your needs and offer a tailored service. Since 1993, we work to guarantee your buildings and business process are functional and profitable. We employ the best resources, competences and innovative technologies.

  • Facility Management

    Facility Management

  • property management

    Property Management

  • Soluzioni ICT

    ICT Solutions

  • conduzione e manutenzione impianti

    Building Services and Maintenance

  • antincendio

    Fire prevention systems

  • project management

    Project Management

  • pulizie



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